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hard top conversion 2001 rodeo sport

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I am looking at replacing my soft top with a hard top. Does anyone know if the wriing exists for the brake light, the rear defroster and the rear wiper. If it is not pre-wired, can the harnesses be plugged in or is it a full rewire job?
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The wiring for the hardtop brake lamp is present, but the wiring for the rear defogger and wiper are not in the vehicle. The soft top brake lamp does not need to be removed and will still operate as it did before. It would be a lot of work to make the rear defogger and wiper functional.
I managed to get my hands on a hardtop for my Sport. It is a direct bolt on and the connection for the brake light is there. I removed the original brake light that's mounted on the spare tire. However, there is still a bracket that remains on the carrier but that is hidden behind the spare.

I used the wiper motor's gaskets to cover the hole for the original brake light. Since there is no wiring for the wiper or defroster, I just didn't mount the wiper or it's motor, haven't had a need for it yet. And yes, wiring it in would be very difficult.
Well I finally made the leap and picked up a hard top. I tried to mount the rear wiper, but the holes are too large. Do I need some sort of clip or something to mount this?
Should be a bracket on the inside. With the wiper motor. The rubber gromet that your third brake light wire goes through should be removed. The wiper motor plug should be the there. Then your hard top should have a third brake light built into the top. The wire for that is in the back corner drivers side near bottom of the roll bar . That's where they all plug in.
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