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Guys, this is probably the next Trooper or Rodeo. THIS IS IT

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I've been doind some heavy research and it has finally all paid off. ISUZU has a Thai partner called Thai Rung Automotive. They have a model called the Adventure Master, and it has won car of the year in Thailand, or so the website said. It was rough to seperate the Thai parts and the English parts. THIS IS AN SUV VERSION OF THE D-MAX FROM ISUZU. This is exactly what executive VP Terry Maloney desribd in this article on ISUZU's future in April 2003:

In 2005-06, Isuzu hopes to get a body-on-frame SUV built on the company's Thai-market pickup. As shown to reporters in sketch form at the New York show, it would be larger than the Rodeo and the old Trooper, but shorter and narrower than the Ascender.

I have plenty of pics and a little info at my ISUZU webage:

This could be ISUZU's secret weapon in hiding. I think it looks great and stylish, and the interior reminds me of the new Infiniti QX56. This is one serious SUV and i think with proper advertising it could be a big hit. Finally, a new SUV that is 100% ISUZU tough. Im so excited and im glad i could make this known to everybody. What do you guys think of it?
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Well it may look long, but its actually not as long as the Ascender. The Ascender has a little bit more legroom on all three rows and about 50% more cargo space in the back. This is still a great SUV and i think it could offroad to some extent, on the count of its high from the ground. If the D-MAX can do it easily in the ISUZU challenge in South American jungle, i dont see why this one couldnt be almost as good. Thai Rung also sells (or sold im not really sure) the Grand Adventure, and it looks almost exactly like a Trooper. But maybe it just was a rebadged Trooper so that model would not fit expectations for the new model. I think this SUV would fit right in and cold do well with ISUZUs new marketing techniques. Anybody seen the new commercials that have been repeating over and over on TV recently? Ive see nthem about 15 times, mostly on the weather channel. They are even sponsoring the Weather channel and have been getting the name ISUZU put on the top of the screen for full weather forcasts. then they thank them for the sponsoring and it cuts to the new ISUZU commercial. ""Hurry in to Sport Utility Value Days at ISUZU" it says, and shows many pictures of the Ascender, Rodeo, and Axiom. Its also says $4000 of Ascender, $4000 of Rodeo, and $4000 of Axiom. Its a pretty good commercial and is the first fruits of the advertising deal ISUZU made with Malone advertsing a few months ago. I think they are finally getting their advertising act together, and preparing for their comeback in 2005 or 2006 after all ties with GM are severed. This is the New Isuzu!! :)
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Does anybody care??? Anybody plan on buying one when they reach US shores??
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