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Grinding when starting

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I while ago I replaced my starter, and regretfully cheeped out with a new one. When I start the car it makes a bad grinding noise when it starts up. I've noticed that when I turn the key and quickly release it it wont grind, but I cant always guess how long to crank it for, for it not to grind. I'm guessing that the starter solenoid is being engaged for to long? Could this be just the solenoid? Or could it have something to do with ignition? Thanks!
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Something like this happened on my 89 trooper and one of the two bolts that hold the starter to the trans housing had come out so the engagement was off. Torqueing it down it fixed my problem. Might not be your issue but it's easy to check. In the haynes manual, "check the mounting bolts" was actually listed as a possible remedy to troubleshooting a starter grinding noise.

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