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Hello to all...I'm a newbie and joined back in 2018, but have never posted, so I thought I'd finally say hello and express my appreciation to the folks that created this forum.

I am currently working on installing a new power steering pump and lines on my daughter's first car: 1996 Rodeo LS 3.2.

I owned a '95.5 when I lived in DC and drove it for 200k miles before donating it to a charity. It's still on the road from what I'm told by the charity. We bought my 80 yo neighbor's '96 Rodeo a few years ago and it's been running pretty well after putting in a new transmission and some cosmetic fixes.

Biggest problem is a consistent power steering leak, and after 2 pumps replaced by local tire shop, it's still leaking, so I'm going after it this week. Another issue that I have not yet searched this forum for an answer is the check engine light continues to come on displaying a code that references an emissions problem, specifically that either the fuel cap is bad (which I replaced), the fuel sensor is faulty/wrong voltage to the sensor, or charcoal canister needs to be replaced. I have replaced all potential problem sources, but still experience the same code (I think it is P0143, but pulling it from memory).

Even with that, I have loved both vehicles, find them pretty comfortable to drive, and with a few modifications to the stock vehicle, a pretty capable rock-crawler.

Thanks again to the creators of the forum, and all those who have posted to help keep these great vehicles on the road!

Mark (icyclimbr)
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