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Greetings from NC

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Hey Everyone,

I'm happy to be the new owner of an 88 Trooper LS. It's a 4ze1 backed with an automatic transmission.

I purchased the rig for a reasonable price due to it being in none running condition. And I've already searched the forum for help and hope to dive into the repairs soon. There is a ton of good info to be had on this site And I'm glad to have found Planet Isuzoo.

What I have solved so far a fueling issue (new pump/filter and tank clean). And now I'm sorting out what I believe is a timing issue. When attempting to start it will only backfire through the intake, which I believe is a timing issue, but we shall see. I'll post up some pictures once I figure out where to have them hosted.

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Soild suggestions. I picked up plugs, wires, cap, and rotor today. Definitely needs to be timed. There so many vacuum leaks on this poor thing. It appears to be missing the EGR back pressure transducer off the valve cover. This may lead me down the path of a full EGR system delete unless I can locate one of those.

I ran codes using the ecm diagnostic mode and got 61 and 21. We'll see where that leads...but first the basics.
I'll give the classifieds a go on the BPT. Worth a look at least.
Awesome! I'm in Winston Salem, close to Midway.
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I will definitely be checking out the balancer when the time comes. I have yet to drop a timing light onto it because there were some many things a miss with it. But I did read a member post about how the balancers are bonded and with age they start to "slip". Purchasing a new one might be worth avoiding that aggravation, for sure.

I've started the process of an emissions delete. I have watched the ******* video about routing coolant hoses and what not. It all seems pretty straight forward, a little tedious, but worth it in the long run. There are also a number of awesome picture filled threads to guide me through this as well. I'm impressed by the goodness found within this forum. I was considering replacing the BPT but so many pieces to the emissions puzzle are missing from the engine it would be more trouble than its worth to track it all down. So, after pulling the intake I have capped the egr tube input on the plenum side and on the exhaust manifold too. Now to re-route a little of this and that!

The previous owner said that he had someone clean his injectors. I do not know who they were but I would not let them near any vehicle, ever. There were so many loose hose clamps and missing vacuum lines on the poor engine I'm amazed I was able to get it started at all. Between all the unmetered, escaping and miss directed air getting into and escaping from the intake, I can only think that the old fella was just happy to get some decent attention and wanted to prove itself worthy of the time spend.

Oil pressure is excellent and no odd noises from the valve train. I've discovered multiple leaks in a very punky radiator and the coolant temp gauge just sits flat even after 5 mins of attempted idle in the garage. All this is an early assessment of course, but I'm optimistic of the final outcome. :)
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And example of what I've encountered through the disassembly process is the two vacuum ports under the throttle plate of the throttle body were just looped together with a small section of vacuum hose. Another one was the coolant hoses running through the throttle body were just barely attached to the ports, leaking coolant, and the hose clamps (spring type) were not slid in place to secure them over the port. Its bad enough the position those connectors are located in, but not connecting them properly or bypassing them correctly is an accident waiting to happen.

That color coded vacuum diagram under the hood is a god send!! Which my sons '89 300zx had once of those too!! LOL :D
The poor ECM has been opening the injector flood gates to keep pace with all the miss guided air. Thankfully the intake tube is complete and without holes.
Here are some over due shots of my rig....
These were snapped before I dollied it home with me.

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LOL... Lamborghini in an Trooper thread! That's awesome though. I did go the route of the 1/4"threaded inserts. I have not noticed a whistle as of yet, but I'll keep an ear out.

The biggest reason I did the delete was because some of the equipment for the EGR system was missing (transducer) or broken (EGR tube). Plus the air pump was damaged. Couple that with ALL the vacuum business going on with it, I figured simplifying would be the best route to go.

I think the Thermal Valve on the thermostat housing is bad, as it never seems to shut down high idle. I do have a new temp sender and sensor to install to see if that's the problem and not the valve. Currently I have a reducer in the hose for the thermal valve to keep the idle around 950rpm.

I recently put 60+ miles on a small run around town and it handle the journey very well. Looking forward to more!!😄
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Ive seen a lot of drama surrounding head gaskets on the 4ze1. But good stuff after the install if done properly.
I'm currently at work, waiting to jet home the put the new accessorie drive belts on the Trooper after swapping out the harmonic balancer. I also had new tie rod ends delivered as well. That project will need to wait for PB Blaster to go work. I figure that I would be wise to start a build thread now.
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I'm glad someone picked up that trooper so I didn't have to! I was eyeballing it hard! Good luck with it and enjoy the process!
Thanks good sir! Its been enjoyable so far and the learning curve hasn't been too steep either. Should be getting it tagged here in a few days!! Currently sorting out a stubborn Aisin Locking hub that wants to stay "free" only. I'll be hitting the search bar in a few :D
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Thank you Paul. I will more than likely make you and Lorenzo "go to" guys for any tough part searching. As far as Uwharrie, I do want to check it out!! It sounds like a blast!! I should have enough time to shake down the Trooper before then. At least I hope.

I did fix the locking hub issue. It appears that someone reassembled is incorrectly. Checked out a YouTube video one of the members linked the thread too and it's good to go.☺
That's the exact video I found. The guy was super thorough. 10 out of 10 would recommend. 😉
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