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Good body shops in CO?

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Looking for a body shop in the Denver/Colorado springs area have a SLIGHT rust problem on the driver side.
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I had a shop in Colorado springs recently replace a buck of panels that were rusted out....but I would not recommend them. most reputable shops are backed up and many don't work on older cars with rust issues.

I would consider the entire extent of rusted areas and cut it all out your self. then ask welding shop to weld in a new panel which you could paint yourself.

better yet, buy a harbor freight $100 welder and weld it in yourself. they also sell cheap cutting wheels. from photo it looks like you need to form it a bit, which a bit of hammering and bending should work.
may not come out pretty but it's under carpet. Steel plate can be got at home Depot. even with buying the equip it should be less than $200

there is a small one man welding shop in Sadalia near castle rock called moondaka (sp?) welding behind Gabreals restaurant.

I just ust spent thousands on my trooper removing rust and replacing doors.... but already see some bubbling under new paint. buying the equipment may be far cheaper in the long run.
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