After many, MANY refinements, I believe I finally have a durable replacement hinge and catch(stay) for the first gen trooper.
It's taken me 2 months, a roll of filament, and lots of testing, but I think I've got it.

Here is just SOME of the test subjects after I abused them.
Road surface Asphalt Plant Wood Petal

I've opened and closed my glovebox hundreds of times, I swear testing this thing, and I've loaded the door down with water bottles and other stuff.

The parts are made from PETG (same stuff as 2 liter bottles), so it's strong and heat resistant.

The hinge uses the same holes as the original on the door side, but you'll ned to drill new holes on the box side that line up with the three inside and allow the smaller side of the hinge to exactly line up with the top of the "lip".
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I found a post about the catch here on PlanetIsuzoo, and also on thingiverse, but it broke the first time I "dropped" the door. Finding the material and design to withstand some abuse was.... challenging.

Anyway, PM me or email me - trooper At if you want a set. Shipping is included.

If you want just the catch, it's $15 (Shipping is $5 either way, which drives me nuts)

It comes is red and... red. If you want a different color, I can make that happen, but I'll need to buy the filament first and charge $5 more. (any excuse to buy more colors)