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gear shift sticking

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Having a problem with a 2002 Rodeo. Randomly, when it is in park, the gear shift will stick and will not come out of park. There is a pin that isn't clearing when the button is pushed in. I fumbled with something around it and finally got it to clear, but it is still happening. Took it to the dealership and they said they can't find anything wrong with it like usual. Any ideas?
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Are ya parking on a hill or anything when it does this?
Sounds like your shift lock mechanism/solenoid is going bad.
When the Ignition Switch is in the Run position the shifter is mechanically locked in the Park position by a pin operated by the Shift Lock Solenoid.

When the shifter is placed into the Park position it closes the Park Position Detect (PPD) Switch. When the PPD switch is closed it allows the Brake Switch to energize the Shift Lock Relay when the brake pedal is pushed. When the Shift Lock Relay energizes it energizes the Shift Lock Solenoid which releases the shifter allowing it to be moved from the Park position.

You can bypass the Shift Lock Solenoid by placing the Ignition Switch in the ACC position and placing the shifter into Neutral for startup.

The Park Position Detect Switch may need adjusting.

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