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G80 LSD, Aisin hubs, 3.2L parts

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Will have the following:

front and rear 4.56s with G80 LSD in rear.

front bumper with fog lights
rear bumper
lower body cladding and oem mud flaps.
set of Aisin manual hubs

3.2 SOHC parts

heads (65k miles)
exhaust manifolds
coil pack

Also looking to trade some american eagle aluminum 17" rims for snow flakes, or work out some deal....

Make offer on parts if interested.

PM me if interested in anything.....
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pics of the 17s please. i dont have any snowflakes right now but if you want to sell them out right, id be interested to see what they look like first....
What are you thinking on the G80? I used to live in Las Vegas NM in the 90's Used to go up to your area several times a year. I worked for Petrolane and Amerigas when I lived in NM. I love the country there.
G80 SOLD......

Other items still up for sale. PM me if you have a need for something off the 3.2L, I have a whole enging parting out.... make offers, will sell stuff for cheap!!
PM Sent!
How much for the hubs and both intake manifolds?
Mozes, where ya at? Your parts are wanted!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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