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Free 1989 4 door Trooper body. Red!
Sorry no title, wa<s a parts truck, I got it from Jerry Lemond years ago.
I got it from him because I needed the rust free frame for the wife's Trooper.
Don't want to crush it because the body and doors are dent and rust free.
So, if somebody needs it or parts off it bring a trailer and come and get it.

No Rust, good doors with gold OEM tinted windows all the way around.
I will be pulling the windshield out of it for the wife's cracked one.

It has been and will be weather tight until I pull the windshield. Which I will do as soon as somebody says the want the body

Good hinges on the doors and good hood.
Jerry tells me the used door hinges are selling for $60 each.
Left front fender is wrinkled as is the front bumper.
Right fender is still straight. Headlights are still unbroken too.

This is the body only! I will load it on your trailer with out damaging it.

I live just North of Fort Worth Texas.
Let me know if your interested and I'll wait for you to schedule a trip for it.
Otherwise I'm going to turn the wife loose with the sawzall.
PM me or email me at [email protected]

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again, another candidate for stock pileing certain items are getting harder and harder to get..not to mention fenders, doors, etc

I wish some thing like this would pop up near me....

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Yea, I've got 5 Troopers, one Rodeo and an I Mark. So I'm guilty. I grabbed this one years ago because it had a good running 3.4 L V6 in it, a good straight rust free frame and an unbroken windshield. Totally rust free body and dent free other than that left front fender and bumper. Hood is perfect. Paint Faded, but no dents.

My plan is to put this chassis under my wife's 89 Trooper. Her 89 Trooper came from Connecticut and her frame is not that great. I'll be pulling the windshield too, once I know someone is one the way after the body. That way it stays water tight as long as possible.

I've pretty much gotten to the point I don't need anything else off it, but hate to have it crushed because surely there is someone out there who has body damage on their baby than needs it.

I just hate to send it to a pick and pull and have it rot away while someone puts cash in their pocket from it who doesn't appreciate the old Troopers.

And I was once broke kid trying to keep my favorite toys going and looking good. So that's why I'm offering to just give it to anyone who can use the parts left off it.

I'm about ready to pull the chassis out from under the body and figure, rather than throw it away, I'm going to see if anyone out there want to come after it. Yours for the taking.
I have a guest house so if you want to come after it come on a Saturday. We'll load it on your trailer when you get here, you can shower and sleep in the guest house and you can head home on Sunday morning. I might even fire up the BBQ Saturday night.

You won't be out for anything but gas and your meals to get here and back.

I have an overhead crane in my shop so loading it will only take minutes. Back your trailer into my shop, under the body and I'll let it down so you can tie it down your way. Then you can leave. As easy as I can make it.

Be aware that I have some nice projects going in my shop and you may end up staying and talking Isuzu more than you think possible.

And I live near the Texas Motor Speedway, so if somebody wants it, they can come get it on a Race weekend. My wife and I may just join you at the races for a fun day. She loves NASCAR! I'm an old road racer. So speak up for it and I'll save it for you to come get it on a race weekend. But speak up if you want it and I'll hold it for you.

I've got a good pickup bed I'll be giving away soon too. We made it into a trailer years ago for a friend, but he moved and left it here for me to look at. You could tow it home if you had trailer plates. Tires may not make the trip though. Long story I'll get into in another post when I can get some pictures of it.

The door hinges on this Trooper will cost you $60 each from Jerry, so it's still got some value in it. Plus that Factory gold window tint is super rare according to Jerry L. I just don't have a use for them. Other than the wife's 4 door Trooper, my others are 2 door Troopers.

So seriously guys, this is a deal of a lifetime if you need some body parts.

Come get it before I sick the wife on it with a sawzall.

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Nobody spoke up for the Trooper, so I sicked the wife on it with a sawzall.
Hated to do it, but it had to go.

I still have that good straight extended cab pickup bed if anyone wants it.
was going to BOB it to pull behind my Rodeo but got a different trailer that was built out of a 1951 GMC pickup bed that I originally built in 1967 for my Aunt when I was 16.

(She passed away and my cousins gave me first dibs on it. Since I built it for her to use on her farm. It was still a working trailer although the tires were too rotted to use on the highway. I rebuilt it last month to use on the highway again.)

So if anyone is thinking of building an Isuzu trailer to pull behind their Isuzu, I can fix your up.Its rust free and straight. I INC the tailgate has a ding in it. But works and looks fine.
Just come get it.

Bring your trailer plate and drag it home.

I'll have to get a picture of it. Can't seem to find then right now.
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