Got some more parts today. All from a 90 or 91 xs 2.8 v6 trooper.

auto center console, no shifter stick or shifter box, just the console. $50
Center console with both trays and ash tray $80
Wing vent windows $75 each
Ac condenser - $75
Windshield washer reservoir $50
2.8 coolant overflow reservoir $45
Heater core $300
Ac hard lines to condenser and to dryer $50 each
Ac hard/flex lines from compressor $75
Whole steering column, signal, wiper, steering wheel, horn pad etc WITH KEY in ignition cylinder $130
2.8 fan blade great shape $50

radio bezel/cover and bracket $50

I also have a pile of parts in my shed and if I don’t have it, I know folks who might.

I will post pics later on when I get time.
first come first serve
Ya pay shipping