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Parts to convert GM 2.8/3.1 internal Saginaw power steering pump to external style using Isuzu 2.6 p/s reservoir.

This includes the round housing shown. Easily swaps to the factory can-o'-ham, but you will need a p/s pulley remover.

I'll include the two reservoir styles shown. One mounts to the wheel well, the other to inside the fender.

You'll need some hoses and clamps. The housing has an extra return line since this came off a vehicle (Astro) with hyrdo assist brakes. That will need a small cap.

The Isuzu reservoir has a removable, cleanable screen and seals much better than the factory reservoir.

The housing is generally stripped and ready for paint, but has some light rust.

I'd like to get $20 + sh for the setup.

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