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Haven't been on here in a while...mainly due to my Isuzu getting totaled back in November. Hated to lose her, but the insurance company said $2000 in repairs was too much and just wrote the whole thing off.

Anyway, cleaning out the garage today, I found some parts I had either taken off or had planned to put on. I have no need for them anymore, obviously, so my loss if your gain, as they say.

Here's what I found so far:

All the big pieces for a grill guard. It's stainless. I got it new, but it's been sitting in the garage for a couple years, so it's a bit dusty. Can't find the bolts right now, but those are probably fairly easy to replace.

Got an Isuzu badge for front grill. I think it came off a Rodeo or Trooper. Didn't quite fit the grill on my '88 Pickup. Still has the mounting screws and everything.

Brake calipers and back plates from, again, either a Rodeo or Trooper. Had intended to upgrade the front brakes, but never got around to it. I think I have all the screws and bolts for them.

Got a couple of rear light clear, one red.

One of the console panel pieces...IIRC, it's the one that comes off the radio mounting area.

Set of seatbelts. Got them to replace the seatbelts on mine, but I think the bolt holes didn't line up or something. Not sure what they're intended to fit.

So...all that...want $50. That's far less than I have in it, but I just want something out of it and to get it gone. As I find more parts, I'll throw them in the box, but the price stays the same.

Shipping would be a beast, but if you really want it, I'll be happy to let you pay for it and will send it anywhere you like. Otherwise, FTF in NW Metro Atlanta works for me. Would also happily trade for stuff for my other hobby...couple boxes of ammo, whatever.

Help me get this stuff out of my garage, guys...every time I look at it, it reminds me of her... :(
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