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Original owners, decently maintained, reliable to a fault.

My wife bought her Amigo new in 1999 and we love it, but it's time for something a bit more economical for commuting (it's her daily), she's itching for a new vehicle, and we just don't have room for a fourth car. This Amigo is a little rough around the edges, cosmetically, but I'd trust it to take me anywhere in the country tomorrow. I'd really rather it go to a good home where she will be appreciated, loved, and modified to her full potential, but if nobody here is interested, we're trading it in.

This truck will be deeply missed. :cry:

What Works:
Everything, including AC, PW/PL

What Doesn't Work:
- Due to a (hood) alignment issue, locking the doors with the remote is pretty much the same as hitting the panic button.
- The windshield washer reservoir is gone.
- Typical fuel gauge shenanigans.

What It Needs:
A good home.

What It Could Use:
- (3) new tires by winter (fronts and spare, rears are <3mos old)
- new shocks would be a good idea
- new front CV boots
- a general tune up (for your own peace of mind)
- a little body work

Why You'd Be Apprehensive:
She's been in a couple scuffles over the years. Passenger door has a larger, shallow dent in it that I haven't had time/motivation to pop back out. Paint is all still there, but it's obvious.

There are some less-than-fabulous front end repairs made to the radiator core support and fender wings up front after an accident. One of those, if-I-knew-then-what-I-know-now situations, rather than pull/push the munched bits back into proper place, I cut replacements from a front clip at the yard and installed them over the damaged bits. Only externally obvious sign is the hood appearing popped on the driver side (visible above).

Why You Would Want This Amigo:
My wife has been daily driving this truck since new in 1999. It starts every time. We've replaced the radiator, AC lines and refrigerant, oil, plugs, intake manifold gaskets, and top since we've owned it. It always starts, never overheats, and has pretty much never seen serious off-roading.

There's nothing worse than buying a used vehicle and having to spend all your mod money on maintenance and repairs. I should know, I've got two 20 year old Mitsubishis! Please give this Amigo a good home! I can take more pictures once my wife gets home tonight.

Thanks for your time.
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