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From Bad to Worse - 1995 Trooper Hesitating & Dying (Starts and Idles fine)

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Took the green 1995 Trooper to a local shop and they identified the catalytic converter as being the problem causing the rough running symptom as it accelerated from a stop. Also noted the air filter was "crushed" / 'folded"

Took it to the muffler shop, had a new universal cat put on it. The old one was full of broken and crumbled material.

As soon as I pulled out, the engine died. Pulled back in. Found the air filter was missing and there was a suspect vacuum hose off the plenum as well. Limped it home a couple of blocks. Would roll along at idle speed

Cleaned filter box, installed new filter. Cleaned hose to throttle body. Cleaned intake on throttle body and replaced janky electrical tape wrapped vacuum hose.

Starts up and after settling to 1K rpm, I put it in gear and as soon as I tried to move forward, sputtering and quickly died.

Jumped the 1&3 with a wire and only code I'm getting is 12. No check engine light is illuminated otherwise.

This fine machine only has 86K miles on it, bought for the kiddo and I'm not inspiring a lot of confidence with the wife...

Anyone have a direction or suggestion?
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The shop who troubleshot your Trooper did not do so properly because their diagnosis ponts to the primary failed part as your catalytic converter. A failed catalytic converter is never the primary fault. It is always a symptom of a engine run condition.

The main reason why a catalytic converter fails prematurely is unburnt fuel entering the catalytic converter. The second reason is excessive heat. Both are related to fuel mix. .

Your description of how your trooper is currently running also points to improper fuel mix.

Step #1
In proper troubleshooting procedures is to identify if your engine is running rich or lean.

Step #2 in proper troubleshooting procedures is determined by the test results of step #2.

I'll pm you my number in case you're require assistance.
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