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:eek: I have a 199? pickup 2weel drive 5 speed needs work as it was a coal mine truck the moter runs great 2.8 non turbo 4lbj diesel direct injected , the body is rough, sorry no pic yet will post them with in the week hood and both fenders i would say replace them they are the same as a 2 door pickup the cab of the truck are in good shape the doors and all glass are goos lights need to be hooked up this truck is the same as the 4 door as seen on isuzu home page the tye rod ends are shot for some one whoom would want to put this cab on a long bed body or to get it titled would be great .READ ME READ ME READ ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this truch has ( NO VIN ) THIS TRUCK HAS NEVERE BEEN REGSTRED <ABILL OF SALE IS ALL I HAVE >
came in from canada

ho it has p/s p/b heater 5speed
i am asking $1900.00 us you can call 435 436 8270 and leave a message
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