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For Sale - Pioneer DEX-P78...

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I acquired this head when i worked at KICCS in Pittsburgh, it has been in 2 competition vehicles and it is a GOD SEND of a head unit. Anyone interested in sound quality will appreciate the features.

I don't have the box, the manual or the case for the face...but I do have the head and the remote. It requires external amplification as it does not have ANY internal power. It has 3 sets of Pre-outs, one is dedicated to subwoofer. You can check the link above for specs...believe me when i tell you this head is a GEM. It has the usual wear and tear...but lucky for the buyer i have never used any of the buttons on the face it is in remarkably good condition. I have been nice to the remote too...this is the 4th remote i have gotten for it (to keep them new looking). Anyone interested, drop me a PM.

I need 150 for it.
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