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Hi y'all
I've given up on fixing the engine in my rodeo. :cry: It's just too much money to sink into a truck that's just not worth the expense. I'm selling my JVC KW-XC770 am/fm tuner that takes one cd and one cassette. It includes the remote and a ready to plug in harness for 98 and up Rodeo or Passport. For the audiophiles it has a line in for a cd changer and line outs . It also has a set of brackets from the stock radio/tray setup already installed. It would take about 10 minutes to put it in their rig. I bought this in May of 01 and put it in my 1st Rodeo (the one I rolled 5 times), then when I bought my 98 I installed it in that one. Back when I bought it I paid almost $450.00 for it - I've looked around and found them new in the $250.00 range. I've never had a problem with it in any way. Sure if you're driving down the road and hit a really big bump you'll get a skip, but nothing out of the ordinary. This unit has worked really well for me, but my new car won't take a double din radio. Some of the reviews I've found say that it won't play burned cd's but I never had a problem with any. It even plays mp3 discs!
Anyone interested please e-mail me at [email protected].
pictures e-mailed upon request
I'll be listing it on e-bay in a week or so if no one's interested
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