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Yes, this is a Jerry "The Sen Sai" Lemond conversion, still running strong.

Unfortunately I suffered a serious bike accident 3 years ago and can no longer drive a manual transmission.

1. Lemond conversion with working factory compressor and bracket.
2. Electric fuel pump.
3. Manual glow plugs switch
4. Reupholstered LX front seats
5. LX Silver Black Grill
6. Intermittent wipers switch
7. Southern truck, no rust on frame.
2018 Repairs
1. Rebuilt Turbo - Turbo Exchange Concord NC
2. Brakes
3. Over sized Radiator New
4. Regular oil/air/fuel filter service
5. New muffler system

Bad news
1. Front End was removed years ago to save weight, no off roading, but
can be easily replaced.
2. Surface rust on rear wheel wells, thats it!


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This is an old thread, over a year. However that engine appears to be a C223, not a "4J" series engine.
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