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Hey Randy.

Here is a picture of the mudflaps from a distance. They are dirty, so they kinda look grayer right now than they would if they were clean. They are noticeably darker than stock, especially if yours went chalky like mine did. Also, the mudflaps are wet in this picture, so that's why it looks drippy.

I used macro for this picture to show you how they look up close and give you a way to imagine how they feel:

I used rattle can bedliner from Pep Boys, which was like $6 a can. It isn't super gritty like a lot of truck bed liners, but this is justified by how ridiculously cheap it is. It took at most half a can to do all four mudflaps.
I advise you to be careful the way you tape up around them. The paint forms like a latex-y coat, and if you aren't careful removing the tape, it will just peel the paint right off. I think it becomes harder after you let it dry for a while. I've had them painted for almost a year now and they've held up pretty nicely, and it's very cheap to repaint them if they start to fade.

Anyways, I hope this helped and these were the kind of pictures you wanted.

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