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Fitting an ss100hf snorkel to Marlboromans B series Fronty

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This snorkel was bought from Devon4x4
heres the website

First off, a few pics of what your money (£240 quid) buy`s you :lol: :lol:

Start by removing the airbox and connecting pipes,under the bonnet

Next hold the snorkel in place,and tape the template in place, (an extra pair of hands is usefull at this stage)

And when your satisfied, remove snorkel, and secure template with masking tape. You can now mark the hole onto the wing.

It was at this point we removed the wheel

And the inner plastic arch trim

Pics showing inner arch

Now time for a break, and decide wether to go for it (note the power sounder unit in the metal box)

After drinking the beers, time for action, Using a medium sized drill bit, drill to the inside line of the mark you drew on the wing, not too close though, and doesnt matter if the holes dont connect together

Should look like this when finished so you can use a pair of snips to cut between the holes as in the next pic

And when youve done that, you end up with this

Next we used a die grinder to smooth the lines of the hole,and to take it to the line we had drawn on the wing

Click here....

Once that is done,blow all the remaining swarf away with an air line

and use some paint on the edges of the hole to stop rusting

now remove interior trim,so you can see the inner roof.

hold the snorkel in place in the hole, and mark the holes on the roof for the securing bracket and drill them out, we drilled all the way through and used nuts and bolts, instead of the supplied captive nuts.

Now the snorkel can be bolted in place at the roof, and the two holes drilled in the wing for securing to the inner assembly.

Here is where it might differ from mine to other models.

on my fronty, the inner piece supplied was too long, so we cut it down the middle, i secured it at snorkel end, then held the other end up to the inner wing hole, and marked where i was to cut it again,and it worked out about 2 inches needed to be removed.

when it is cut, you can hold the two pieces together, and using a soldering iron, "plastic weld" the two halfs together by heating the joint all the way around the assembly.
I then used some denso tape, to tightly wrap around the joint, to safeguard against leaks. The assembly was then bolted in to the snorkel, and using sealant to be sure, connected in to the airbox.

Heres pics under the bonnet, be sure to seal the places highlighted.

And heres the finished pics

after been put to the test

Big thanks to Adrian aka Tiger for helping me to fit it,And Thanks to Devon 4x4 for being the suppliers of the snorkel
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looks good, wouldnt it have been easier to use a hole saw or air saw for the hole in the fender?
just did it that way, dunno really why, think it was coz we had the airline out and had air drill and air die grinder,so was easier to grind it bigger to fit as needed. Did an asbsolutely perfect fitting hole, was well happy with it.
marlbororman said:
looks great. sure looks alot better than the black sewer-pipe homemade stuff i've seen here recently.

and btw, so how how many quid does it cost to get that mud sprayed on so evenly.....

talking bout home made, my mate has just finished his snorkle and resprayed his fronty

And the mud was free!!!! went for a play in the local quarry :lol: :lol:
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