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Hi All,
Have my 1990 2.6 Trooper on the road and loving it! Previous owner installed an electric fan with wood screws into the radiator. No bueno. I took it off and had a radiator shop fix the screw holes. I am running the fan on a bracket I made but wondering why this happened in the first place?

You all have a lot of background. Was the factory fan just not good enough? I would prefer a mechanical fan to an electric and would like to restore to standard unless that is a bad idea. I don't have an A/C system so I am not sure if I need a fan clutch or not.

I searched previous posts but any advice much appreciated. 1) Keep the electric; 2) Get aftermarket parts to restore the original set-up; 3) Other option I don't know about.

Currently, the Trooper warms up to about the midpoint on the gauge and stays there with the fan on.

Thanks much--
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