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First gen Trooper air filters

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Hey all, has anyone had positive/negative experiences with aFe’s air filters for the first gen Troopers? Looking for something slightly more free-flowing/long-lasting than, say, a stock STP.

Link: Magnum FLOW Pro DRY S Air Filter

Thanks in advance!
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All Isuzu 4 & 6 cylinder gas engines have asthma. Above 4000 or 5300 RPM, depending on engine, the camshaft, cylinder heads & manifolds simply do not allow any more air volume or velocity to enter the cylinders. There are 2 exceptions, that is the 3.2L DOHC High Output engine. The intake manifolds are completely different design that allows more higher air velocity. The later 3.5,L DOHC engine with switchable variable velocity intake manifold.

Installing any aftermarket high performance air filter regardless of which type, brand or model will not increase the performance of the engine.
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Probably not worth it even from a longevity perspective. Noted. Thanks
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