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Fender Flares and snorkels

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What do you think about the flares and snorkel on this trooper. According with the person who makes them , are made of fiberglass. Is that material good against UV ? He also makes the hood scoops.
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Not too familiar with PP, don't use it if I can help it. Thought I heard something the other day that with PP friends you don't have anyone to go to bat for you in the event of a deal gone sour?

yes this is correct.
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Payment sent for a snorkel and scoop.
He claims 14 days. Will let yall know if they actually show up
Hi trendie. Today is the 14th day. Did the items you order from this seller arrive ?
not yet, but I think it's more than fair to fair to give him a little wiggle room, especially since the items will have to clear customs here. My little brother had a part stuck there for 3 weeks recently.
I pm'd him asking for a tracking number.

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Trendie, what is the shipping carrier ?
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