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Engine Swapping

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Swapping of 3.5l engine to a 3.2l engine. What are the possible options for this swap axiom
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If you replace the 3.5L GDI engine in your 2004 Axiom you will need to wire in the Engine Control Module (ECM) for the replacement engine. Replacing the engine will create a new problem in that the AW30-40LS Transmission Control Module (TCM) will not be able to communicate with the replacement engine ECM so the transmission won't operate. This means you will have to replace the complete powertrain and all the wiring that connects everything together.
What year and model truck did the 3.2L engine come from?
What model transmission is attached to the 3.2L engine?
02 Axiom has a port injected 3.5L and a GM 4L30e transmission and a 04 Axiom has a 3.5L Direct Injection engine and an Aisin AW30-40LS transmission.
If the 4L30e transmission is no good why do the swap?
Does the ECM for the 02 Axiom have two 80 Pin connectors?
E-21 and E-22 are 80 pin connectors. Note that this 02 ECM/PCM module is a lot different than the one in your 04 truck.

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View of the ECM/PCM connector pins,

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The transmission in your 04 is not the same as the one in the 02
A 04 Axiom has an Aisin AW30-40LS transmission and the 02 has a GM 4L30e transmission. The are not wired the same and use a different TCM.
You absolutely need a 02 Axiom or 00-02 Trooper GM 4L30e transmission to work with the 02 ECM
When you install the ebay ECM does the engine quit running exactly as when the original ECM is installed?
Do you still have the original ECM?
Do you still have the original ignition key?
Does the engine Start and Run for a few seconds with the original ECM installed?
How many original ignition keys do you have?
When you insert either key into the Ignition Lock and rotate to the Run position do you get an Immobilizer alert?
In an earlier post you stated you had a 02 Axiom engine to swap, in your last post you indicate it is a 03 Axiom engine. Which is correct?
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