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Before you yank that perfectly-running engine (except for the oil burning), you might try a few more things that won't cost too much and can't hurt.

Gumout Regane Hi-Miles carbon-cleaner has a higher load of PEA than Chevron Techron cleaner. PEA is a very powerful carbon solvent. I'd run a double-dose of the cleaner in at least 2 tanks of gas and then see if the oil consumption has improved any.

Regane is cheap at Walmart, and the Hi-Miles stuff has a bit of top-end lube:

Something else to try if Regane doesn't help, is a 2-stroke-outboard carbon-cleaner. These are specifically formulated to remove piston ring deposits on 2-stroke outboard motors, which by nature are prone to getting deposits. I've been repairing outboard motors as a "hobby" for over 50 years and I can tell you they do work!

Mercury Power Tune is readily available and inexpensive, that's what I'd use. OMC used to have a very effective "Engine Tuner" product, but Bombardier backed out of the outboard business and that's the end of that. There's still New Old Stock (NOS) around if you look for it.

The way to use this stuff is, with a warmed engine, find a vaccum port or a spot in the intake tube, between the MAF and the throttle body, where you can spray it in while the engine is idling. Spray until you've got this horrendous white cloud coming out the tailpipe, then turn off the engine.

Pull the spark plugs, and spray the remainer of the can (equally distributed) into all cylinders. Let sit overnight.

Before you reinstall plugs and crank away, might be a good idea to turn over the engine a few times to expell any excess liquid. Don't want to hydro-lock the engine, do we! Perhaps pull the fuel pump relay(s) so no fuel is spraying while you're doing that.

Reinstall spark plugs and fire 'er up. She's gonna smoke like there was no tomorrow, you'll kill any mosquitoes in the neighborhood! Take the rig out and run the engine hard, at least until there's no more smoke.

One of our members had a 3.2 that was also burning a lot of oil, as I recall it was in an older Rodeo. He used the Gumout Regane and said it helped.

If those 2 treatments don't do the trick, likely nothing will except a teardown. But you'll have only spent about $35 or so trying.

Hope that helps, let us know how things turn out...........ed
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