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ECORS RACE #3 - Carolina Crawlin' - Spartanburg SC - July 9

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Come out and support "Team Isuzu" For race #3 of the 2011 season, ECORS visits the Carolina Crawlin' venue in Spartanburg, SC. Carolina Crawlin' is a man-made rock crawl course situated in the infield of a 5/8 mile dirt track at the Spartanburg Fairgrounds. It has previously been host to WERock and XRRA events and now ECORS will utilize the facility for a short-course type race on July 9, 2011!

The format for the weekend will be different than the past ECORS events but will be similar to MX and dirt track races around the country. Friday, as usual, will be a day of registration and pre-running where Saturday will be filled with racing! Saturday morning starts early with each class of vehicles racing in two seperate "heat" races to qualify for the Main race later that evening. For teams that don't qualify for the Main, there will be a Last Chance Qualifier, consisting of a couple laps, just before the Main. So, if teams have bad luck during the Heat race, they will have a few hours to fix and prep for the Last Chance Qualifier and the Main race later that evening!

Heat races will be about 30 minutes and the Main race will be about 1.5 hours, so spread that over all day Saturday and there is a full day of racing for spectators and race teams!

Saturday morning schedule:
DragonFire Racing UTV heat 1
DragonFire Racing UTV heat 2
Ironman4x4Fab Class A heat 1
Ironman4x4Fab Class A heat 2
NC 4x4 Class B heat 1
NC 4x4 Class B heat 2
Class C heat 1
Class C heat 2
DragonFire Racing UTV main
Ironman4x4Fab Class A main
NC 4x4 Class B main
Class C main
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Sweet should be fun
I plan to be there for race day. What time does all the fun start?

As usuall ready for it Joe. Got the helmet on the shelf ready for a ride as well!!! Now just need to get the barbie isuzu ready for its time for fame lol!
Bumping this up!


Make a donation or cheer 'em on! ... 622#446622
The film crew :roll: will be there with some additional spectators. :D
Damn, that's a little too far for me this time. I wish ya'll luck.

Go kick some *** guys!
Two weeks to go...!
Starts tomorrow guys!!!
88bronzetrooper said:
Starts tomorrow guys!!!
What about the gals??? :thefinger:
Wish I could make it but it is my weekend with the kiddo. Catch the next race I hope.

Good Luck guys!! I am there in spirit!
Bansil said:
88bronzetrooper said:
Starts tomorrow guys!!!
What about the gals??? :thefinger:
I might have one coming! :twisted:
Any place to get discounted tickets? Jerry, Leland and myself will be up there in the morning.
Pics, vids, placing?
Heres some pics for you guys. The A truck had problems all day but finished the race and was able to place 7th out of like 15 so that was pretty good for our day. The B truck had a broken CV in the heat and had to start at the back but we managed a 3rd place when starting last so that was a good day as well. Hope you all can make it out to Devils playground at the end of august to show us some support and we might just put you too work!!! Always needing help lol.
Oopps heres the link. ... 0Crawling/

One of my favorites right here.

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Dylan, tell your dad "thanks" for taking all those pictures.

It was another great race to watch, although HOT. The course was very short which was good from a spectator view... 'cause most of us wouldn't budge from under the shaded canopy. :lol:

Great job drivers, co-drivers and pit crew. :hello1:
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