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Drove an NPR

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So I finally got to drive an NPR, with a 5spd even. It was old, and beat to pieaces, but still was fun. I especially enjoyed the turbo whine while going down the interstate. It was actually quicker than i thought it would be, even loaded down with 6 pallets of heavy Dell computers. It pulled much better than a newer Mitsubishi Fuso(non-turbo) of the same size, which i have also driven. I could only imagine what that engine would be like in my '88 Trooper! :shock: Well, this was something I have always wanted to do, just had to share. :lol:

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I've got an NPR fpr sale! It would make a hell of an RV. Its a mid 90s w/ turbo and auto. Drive [pretty decent, but its slow.
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