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Drove an NPR

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So I finally got to drive an NPR, with a 5spd even. It was old, and beat to pieaces, but still was fun. I especially enjoyed the turbo whine while going down the interstate. It was actually quicker than i thought it would be, even loaded down with 6 pallets of heavy Dell computers. It pulled much better than a newer Mitsubishi Fuso(non-turbo) of the same size, which i have also driven. I could only imagine what that engine would be like in my '88 Trooper! :shock: Well, this was something I have always wanted to do, just had to share. :lol:

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Adam said:
, even loaded down with 6 pallets of heavy Dell computers.
Ya know, you coulda just detoured up I95 to NC and dropped a pallet of them there Dells at my house and I woulda not been upset at'all :D

I drive a '95 NPR automatic w/ 170K miles. Piece-o-$hit. Has no umph at all and since it has NO sound deafening insulation, I have to wear hearing protection.

Yeah, it's pretty cool to hear the turbo spin up and down, but it doesn't help much. Even with no load, the damn thing can't get out of its own way.... :x - Rant - NO AC, Sucks Oil (oil filter tends to work loose), Draft in winter time - freezes left side of body, heat cooks right side of body...... Truck body leaks, sometimes getting product wet..... - Rant Off - Gawd I hate my job.......

Anybody need a computer tech???????????

On a similar thread, I drove my brother-in-law's '86 P'Up w/ 2.3 last night to pick up a pig for a pig-pickin' we had today. With 186,000 miles, it still drives suprisingly well. Clutch felt tight, shifted easily (manual) and the ride was pretty darned good. The only thing I found slightly distracting was that ISUZU put the oil pressure and voltage gauges down in the shifter console. I like stuff to be up at least at dash level as mine are in the Troop. The only major work in 5 years (since he first got it) was a warped head replacement (it ran hot - his fault - bill was $1,100 which included the head and all belts including timing replaced), exhaust refurb and of course new meats.

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