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I have a shudder shifting btwn 3rd and top, on light to medium throttle. I had 15K service done and they (not a dealer) didn't use the LSD additive. After this service the LSD was slipping when cold; taking right turn at end of my street, revs would rise then bang, it'd go into gear and lurch fwd. I put additive in at about 20K, now has 26K and shudder still there but slipping gone. It is only mildly annoying & I'm wondering if different oil will fix this, or could it be damaged. Hoping if latter the dealer won't give grief.

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I'd get a suction gun, suck out what you have in there thru the fill plug & put in what the owners manual says (along w/ the LSD additive!!!) If it still acts up. Take it to a dealer. Don't say anything about haveing changed the rear axle oil- I HIGHLY doubt they'll be able to tell anyway. Take advantage of that warranty!! G/luck
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