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Driveline Thunk 2001 Rodeo Sport

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After being told by the dealer that the thunk in the driveshaft is something that all the Rodeos do when starting and stopping, I decided to do something about it. I pulled off the drive shaft and cleaned the old crappy grease out the slip joint. Repacked the slip joint with new moly grease and put it all back together. The inital test drive showed no sign of the clunk, problem solved, took about an hour to do. I used CV joint metal clamps on the boot ends but I think a big nylon tie-wrap would work just fine.
HTH :D Randy
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Those grease fittings are on the u-joints. I hit them every other oil change.

I've never taken off the boot on the slip-yoke but I just might do that soon as my thump gets worse in the winter.

I wonder how much trouble it will be to put on a new boot IF I slip and damage the original :roll:
The reason I asked is because I happen to have a bunch of spare CV boot straps, 2 cans of synthetic Duralube, and lots of free time. :)

I happen to have this nasty habit of accidentally splitting/cutting boots when I'm working near them that's all. :) Never happens to any other fragile parts, just boots... Must be all the grease :)
As far as pulling apart the two-piece driveshaft... Are there any suggestions and how to actually do it?

I assume it isn't going to pull apart by hand considering that it is binding right now. Am I wrong to think that?
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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