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Door Locks on 96 Rodeo

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I have a 96 rodeo but I do not have a owners manual, when I hit the door unlock button the back doors do not unlock. You can see the lock buttons come up half way and you have to pull the button up the rest of the way to get the doors unlocked. I friend of mine used to have a 96 also and he remembers that you could program the doors to unlock by a series of key on and hitting the master lock button, but he can't rember the procedure.

Does anyone have a owners manual I could buy or does anyone know the procedure?
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My 95.5 did this exact same thing. I had to pull the door panels off and lube the spot where the lock rod goes through the little plastic guide. I also found that at least one of them had come out of the guide altogether.
I have the same problem with my 97 Rodeo. I'm gonna try to pull the panel off and lube the lock.
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