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I looked through this "build" thread, and what a project from conception to completion. _ _ _ right ! _ _ _ and the $$$$ to complete.
That is now quite the capable trail buggy ready for anything. Your fabricator Chris did an outstanding job with beautiful welding skills.

I think it was '87 when I built my first Ford E-250 4x4 van. Drove it for 4-years and sold it so I could do another one to keep. We learn from the first one how to make the second build much much better in all respects. I built my second van a '78 E-250 with 460 and C-6 / np 205 in '93.
I ordered the top arm from DynaTrac and incorporated cross-over steering. After studying the Quadra-Vans, I didn't like their front suspension set-up.
Ran 34" mickey Thompson baha-belted and loved them. After wearing out 2-sets of mickey's I mounted 35-inch BF a/t's, and noticed quite a drop in stopping ability with the larger radius. The kids thought the monster van was cool.

I am feverishly (slowly) doing a refurb on my '95 passport and hope to drive it someday. This was a great thread to follow.
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