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I watched the show a couple of days ago on A&E and it was a blash with a really big confusion on the parking lot.

Since I can't find the video, I have a live dash text of the episode.
00:00:00 It was my fault,everything was my fault.
00:00:02 You know it's a good night.
00:00:04 It was uncomfortable,I took it off.
00:00:07 Nothing happened, just relax.
00:00:09 Do you have it ?
00:00:12 think I might haveforgotten, I don't know.
00:00:14 Ashley, they don't have it.
00:00:15 ♪ I'm justa little confused ♪
00:00:17 ♪ Don't know whetheryou'll capture me ♪
00:00:19 How do I find outwhere my car's parked ?
00:00:24 Okay.
00:00:25 ( Brandon )Hi.Hi.
00:00:27 I can't find my car.
00:00:29 You can't find your car ?
00:00:31 Where was your vehicle towed from ?
00:00:33 Where did we park it ?
00:00:35 I don't remember where I parked.
00:00:36 I know it was Third and Market, that area.
00:00:38 Do you know your plate number at heart ?
00:00:38 No.
00:00:40 Uh...
00:00:41 What kind of car you looking for ?
00:00:43 A green Honda Passport.
00:00:44 If they don't have it, I'm gonna be on the 6:00 news jumping off that Ben Franklin.
00:00:48 ( Yolanda )We have a lot of vehicles on the lot.
00:00:51 Vehicles come inand out all day long.
00:00:53 I haven't seena green Honda all day.
00:00:57 I'm gonna call our radio room to make sure that nothing wasn't called in.
00:00:59 Okay.
00:01:01 I hope they help me find my car.
00:01:04 I think it's still on the street, he just don't remember exactly where he parked.
00:01:07 I could be at work right now.
00:01:08 I was partying at the bar I'm supposed to be at right now, like, working.
00:01:13 So I don't have a car and she doesn't have a job.
00:01:14 That's the way we look at it. I'm pretty much screwed.
00:01:17 A green Honda with Jersey plates and it would have been towed from around Third Street.
00:01:23 Okay. She has news, she has news.
00:01:24 Nothing was called in.
00:01:26 It's possibly still where you parked it.
00:01:29 Okay.
00:01:30 You wasn't partying hard last night, were you ?
00:01:33 No, I don't party.
00:01:35 I have to find it.
00:01:36 Hopefully you'll get it before the rush hour start.
00:01:39 I'm going right now, I'm gonna walk around.
00:01:40 Okay.
00:01:41 I hate to say, but they was partying hard, 'cause I still could kinda, like, smell something through the window.
00:01:46 She "roofied" me and that's the truth.
00:01:49 Wish us luck.
00:01:51 They have my car.
00:01:52 The cop, I told him my car was stolen, and he's like no, it's in the lot.
00:01:56 They were wrong the first time.
00:01:58 My friend out there ! You have my car.
00:02:00 I do have Isuzu Rodeo, green.
00:02:04 What kind of vehicle you looking for ? A Honda Passport.
00:02:07 No, babes, Rodeo.
00:02:09 No, no, no, it's a-- It's a Honda Passport.
00:02:11 It's my car, I would know what kind of car it is.
00:02:13 Just gonna double-check to see whether or not we actually towed his vehicle now.
00:02:18 The taxi driver drove us all around, like, the area where my car was-- couldn't find it.
00:02:25 Honda, Honda, Honda.
00:02:26 I think I've seen more Philly in one day than I've seen ever.
00:02:32 Oh, they did write it up as a Rodeo.
00:02:35 You gotta learn that tag number.
00:02:37 If the customer knew his correct tag number, he would have been out of here earlier this morning.
00:02:42 Why would you need to know what your license-plate number is ?
00:02:45 I'm very bad with numbers.
00:02:47 Thank you.
00:02:48 I spent four of my hours driving through Philly, walking through Philly, screaming through Philly, today.
00:02:55 It says "Isuzu," it is a Honda.
00:02:58 That "H" on the front stands for Honda.
00:03:00 I apologize on behalf of the Parking Authority.
00:03:04 I bow down to you.
00:03:05 So you take that over to the gate. Okay.
00:03:08 This is my Honda.
00:03:10 Jay, do a Suzuki Rodeo look like a Honda Passport ? :shock: :roll:
00:03:14 Yeah, they look the same.
00:03:15 Isuzu is not a Hondaand a Honda's not an Isuzu.
00:03:18 ( man )You know what's funny, though ?
00:03:20 Your rims havea Honda sticker.
00:03:24 No, it's an Isuzu.
00:03:26 Honda. It's Isuzu.
00:03:30 Honda.
00:03:31 Looks just like a Rodeo.
00:03:33 Honda should pimp this out.
00:03:35 There's an easy way to pimp that ride.
00:03:37 Take off all the Honda stuff and put on Isuzu.
00:03:39 Shouldn't be parked inthe middle of the sidewalk.

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I saw that episode and had to laugh too... tell me that dude wasn't a Flamer! :lol: :lol:
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