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I've posted this problem before, but I never really got any good answers about it, so I'd like to present it to you one more time.

2000 Trooper 3.5 LS Automatic.

Whenever I drive, I get a very distinct sound coming from... about underneath the center console I imagine. I'll walk you through a typical experience:

I get into the Trooper, start it, drive a few streets and make a few turns to get out of my neighborhood and onto a main street. As soon as I turn onto the main street and shift up to fourth gear, the sound starts. It sounds like something grinding, like if you imagine the sound "k" makes... over and over and over again.

If I keep the throttle relatively steady, the sound keeps going. No power is lost and it doesn't seem to affect driving at all. If I release the throttle or push it harder (so it down shifts), the sound disappears, but reappears immediately when it shifts back up into fourth.

Generally, the noise pulses... it will make the sound for a second and then it will disappear for half a second and then reappear, but sometimes it just continuously makes the sound until I release or push harder.

I had it looked at last year, and the guy said he honestly wouldn't spend money trying to fix it, because it's still completely drivable and it's not affecting performance. I can testify that it's not affecting performance because when I listen to music while driving, I can't even hear it to know when to adjust the throttle to get rid of it.

However, since this is my daily driver and it has a special place in my heart, it hurts me to hear this sound. Most of the driving I do in it is highway driving between Dallas and Austin, so I also want to be confident that it can get me between the two without any problems.

Using deductive reasoning or whatever, I have concluded that this is either coming from the Transfer Case (because of the location the sound comes from) or has something to do with the Driveshaft because the sound can be manipulated my changing the throttle.

I don't want to take it to a shop to try to fix it, so if you have any suggestions of what may be the problem, I can afford to buy the parts and I think I have enough resources to do the work myself.

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