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I guess I'd have to ask myself a few of questions before deciding...
First, do I have a decent junk yard nearby ?
Second, are the CVs clicking and popping due to issues related to the torn boots ?
Third, are the splines shredded or not ? Easy enough to check...either way, the snap ring position for the Manual Hubs is further back on the spline than the Auto Hubs, so your splines would have to be in BAD shape to keep you from swapping in manuals.
Fourth, are you running with a lift kit ?

I have a few junk yards nearby, so I'd pull a set of Aisins off another rig, put the money saved on the lock-outs toward a new set of boots or half shafts as needed.
(My Aisins cost $30.00 and the time needed to find new snap rings after cleaning and repainting them)

Many guys will put a set of JY half shafts in their rig without blinking an eye, but I'ld rather not have to take the front end apart again any sooner than I have to.
Of course, if you're running a lift, you might as well get used to changing your CV boots, cause you'll be doing it again.

The lock outs are easy to come by and most are in great shape due to the fact that they hardly ever see any use from the owners who let them go to the yard.
In addition, both sides can be replaced inside of 10 minutes.
Either way, compared to the time and effort required to change out the half shafts, the answer becomes quite clear to me.

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