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dash lights

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are there supposed to be lights for the cig lighter and power port ?I bought it from a dealership its a 99 amigo 5sp v6 they put a isuzu disc casette and radio unit in prvious but the way they installed it you cant acsesss t cd slot the trim covers it and the radio doesnt work doesnt even light up .How do I get the trim frame off so I can trouble shoot the unit they said they would give me a hundred dolars to have anew radio installed yes 100.00 . must think its 1960 so can the fame be removed without breaking it :roll: It only has 35.000 miles and it wont idle after its warmed up and stalss inturns with the brakes applied as well as just braking for a light thanks and as we say in nyfdems have a safe one ,oh and wonderful things for all during the hoidays . I did get a recall notice on the abs saying it may fail unexpectedly check it out 54x
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To get the trim off from around the radio, just pull out the ash try and remove the one screw. Then you can just pull the trim off. The idle problem sounds like a bad exhaust manafold gasket.
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