Today I would like to present you my latest 3D-print project for all Generation 1&2 Troopers.

It is about a custom designed Auxiliary Lights- and Equipment console, which can be easily integrated in your fronter bay of your center console.
The console offers currently four seats for common rocker-switches with plenty space to manage wire-routing below.

Rocker-Switch symbols can be choosen individually, like shown on the picture.

This console fits perfectly due to 3D-measurement-method of the original Trooper center console.

I was creating this solution to provide a clean and professional way to implement additional switches for all your additional electrical internal/external needs.

  • Personal modifications/changes about colours & writing are possible
  • Manufacturing/Printing time currently 5-10 work days (depending on Rocker-switch variation availability)

  • Includes:

    1x Base compartement,
    1x Switch compartement
    4 x LED Rockerswitches
    4x M3 x 10mm hexagon-socket
    1x Hexagon-socket key

Sale can be offered after early-bird reservations hits at least 10 customers.
*Currently we are at pre-release stage, as there are still some minor improvements to be made at the moment.