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cruise control help-1st gen trooper

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i need somebody to step up to the plate for me.
i have, as you can see below, a first gen. trooper that had a 2.8L in it. about a year ago, i found a complete cruise control set-up at one of the local P-Y-P yards, and i removed everything that i thought that i needed to install it onto my trooper. there is a cable that goes from the servo to the throttle pedal set-up, but what i need to know is, "is there supposed to be another cable that goes to the throttle body linkage?" other than the normal throttle cable.

now, if someone REALLY wants to score some points with me, they would be a sweetheart and take a few photos of their 2.8L engine with cruise control that shows where all of the vacuum hoses run. (now i'm going to get real picky. if you take a photo, would you please lift the air cleaner out of the way so that i may have a clear view. thank you).

my factory isuzu manual is good for electrical wiring, but it's not very useful when it comes to vacuum lines. myisuzuparts wasn't helpful either.

thanks again for your help guys
cheers, john
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you might want to change title to "cruise control help 2.8 first gen trooper"
or something along those lines...
I'll look thru my manuals and see if there is any info
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