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6" Crank pulley to replace your 5" S/C crank pulley on your 3.2 3.5 kit on your beloved Supercharged Isuzu.

Noticeable gains are

Improved Overall Boost

Faster Boosting

Stronger bottom end response (ideal for you off-roaders and street rippers like me) there's a noticeable difference

Prices vary on these depending on cost of materials and machine time. Also a Stock Crank pulley is needed to make the new TWO PIECE pulley for your S/C. I have 2 stock crank pullies to sell, after that you will have to provide your own crank pulley if you want a 2 piece Pulley( the cheaper of the 2)

I will ship my S/C pulley to the company to use the dimensions as a base(since im running a 6" pulley on mine now)

costs can be 225.00 to 280.00(not including Stock pulley needed) for a TWO PIECE 6" S/C Crank pulley(currently on my truck).

I'm awaiting a Price on a ONE PIECE all Aluminum pulley.( quotes from 3 other companies at 700.00 to 1100.00 to make the same one piece pulley, we think it will be around 400 - 450.00 range!!!!!)(again depends on how many people buy and cost of aluminum)

I will get the best deal on materials and labor as possible. We need to do it as a group to get a better price on machine time. Hence part of price fluxuation/deduction.

These prices are ball park since i don't know how many people and the cost of aluminum at that time. But thats a ball park.

Your gains will be subject to greater improvement depending on your mods.

Please PM me for more details.

I will be experimenting with a 7" pulley for this kit. Wish me luck!

Crash Power Pulley


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