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Craigslist deals

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Ive seen this on another forum Im on and its got over 300 pages of deals on it so I think it would be cool to do here. Keep alot of the post down for other people to see whats for sale out there. Post them up hear. Sound like I good idea?
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Thanks guy. Been crazy busy the last few days. Wife hijacked my laptop, so I was "dark" most of yesterday. Hope to post some updates this afternoon. (need 4x4 for those "off road" mower repairs :D
I agree wholeheartedly. Cheap scumbags that think they're going to get ebay prices on CL. Call him and offer him 10 grand :D. Dennis
If that weren't across the country, I'd be in trouble. Dennis
What media was that listed on and location? Reminds me of mine :cry:. Interesting thing was that I originally paid 750.00 for mine and it was in much worse shape. Dennis
:shock: 7500 is still a steep price. Yes, it's super clean. It would be interesting to see what it actually goes for. Personally, I thought that was "the color scheme" for 1988 except this one does not have the rubber trim pieces along the bottom. Dennis
Be careful. "Hens" can turn into hawks. When pared with a ravenous vulture (lawyer), it has been the ruin on many. Oh, BTW: They are ALWAYS correct. ALWAYS. Until that rare day when that come to you, weeping, and say "I was wrong". Then it will be YOUR fault for not pointing this out to them. Dennis
I would love to see someone here get that and do a step by step (pictures) of the recovery, evaluation, and restoration or disposal. Now THAT would be an interesting thread. Dennis
The 204K "engine rebuilt" invoice only really shows head replacement, and no bottom end replacement. Decent price, bad location. There has been a clean - super clean low mileage REGULAR cab 4x4 listed down here asking 4,500.00. of course he hasn't sold it yet either. Dennis
Now that's an interesting swap. 2 problems: He doesn't know the difference between a DOHC and a SOHC (or he used an SOHC intake on it). And at that price, he'll have a hard time because of the salvage title.

There was a similar setup down here a few years ago, but it had a 3.2 SOHC and auto dropped into a stock 2wd pickup. I looked at that and thought "I bet that hauls butt". Dennis
Tim, are you "cashing in" completely, or just thinning the herd? Dennis
At 200.00, even a decent used engine wouldn't last long (on the market). Dennis
I guess I was thinking more "local market". I know that anything (Isuzu 2.3 / 2.6) that comes into a boneyard down here, the engine is gone within a matter of days (unless bad thrust bearings). Likewise, when I had a few Isuzu parts on my local craigslist, folks were emailing me looking for engines.
I agree, with expensive and cumbersome shipping, a shipped purchase is most likely out of the question. I ended up taking my MUA5 to the dump because nobody wanted it - even for free.
Wonder if the A/C works?

Reminiscent of the time about 30 years ago. My kid brother picked up (read "hauled off") a 55 Chevy Nomad from where it had been sitting for at least 10 years. The car was pretty far gone with bad rust all around the roof. He listed it in the local paper as a project for $1,000.00 (a grand still mean something back then). Some clown calls him and asks "How's the paint on that Nomad?". My kid brother went off on the guy. :D Dennis
Imagine that. Kind of like the FREE one that was on the local C/L down here last week (2 wheel drive, no top, no engine / trans but with title). Like the movie: Gone in 60 seconds. Dennis
How did I miss that Spacer the other day? Oh well. too far away, and too busy (as well as too HOT right now). Dennis
Interesting, and a little tempting, but not in my life plan for the near future. Honestly, I liked the other one better (LS package). Dennis
I liked the pickup better than the Trooper. My first Trooper, a 1987, I got in 1998 when my second daughter was born (the Suzuki Samurai wasn't going to cut it for a second car). Had it for about 4 years and got a second gen Trooper (The Red Sled), but gas mileage was disappointing, only kept it for a few years (and 1 rebuilt transmission). That's when I got the 91 LS (True Blue). It had a failed (failing) 4L30E, but I changed it over to a MUA5. It was doing fine, and I liked it, but I really wanted / needed a pickup. I hated tossing "stuff" - like mowers - in the back because of the wear and tear on the interior. Somewhere on here was a picture of a Snapper riding mower that fit in the back once I took the front tires off :D. I had scared up a little 2WD short bed pickup and was going to build a "hybrid" Pickup - Rodeo 4 door pickup (Like Ron's, but 4WD) when the Spacecab came along. I'd still have it if it weren't for the fire. I'd get another except for all the irons I currently have "in the fire" - and the wife. Baja is working for me now. What it won't carry, my trailer will. I do kind of miss the boxy old Trooper though. Dennis
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Here's one from the other corner of the country. 99 MANUAL Trooper needs clutch 600.00 Ocala Florida (NOT MINE) ... 90403.html

And someone got it, because it's not there this afternoon. I only hope it wasn't a boneyard. Dennis
I have to wonder how badly the frame is rusted on that one. Those seem to be getting scarce too. When the insurance was totaling mine (almost 3 years ago), a national search only showed less than 10 Isuzu pickups for sale, and only ONE was 4wd. A recent curiousity search showed about he same but NO 4x4s. Dennis
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