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Craigslist deals

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Ive seen this on another forum Im on and its got over 300 pages of deals on it so I think it would be cool to do here. Keep alot of the post down for other people to see whats for sale out there. Post them up hear. Sound like I good idea?
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Looks like a good project, burnt valve, throw a new head at 'er and you've got a rust-free 4X4 PU with Snowflakes.

"This truck has cosmetic issues with paint that can easily be polished, but no rust. It has a canopy. Tires are in great shape. Wheels are aluminum alloy. Running boards. It starts and runs. It has a burned valve in one of the cylinders. So it must be fixed. Manual transmission and 160k miles

Call Jon 503 888 fivethreefivethree"
Here's another one with no title. Cheap, though. Usually if they have no title the guy isn't the legal owner, otherwise as the OP said it'd be real easy to apply for Lost Title or sign a Release of Interest upon sale, and not have to take Fire Sale price for the rig. So, something's going on, you never know. Always a good idea to check to see if it's stolen.


1990 isuzu 4x4 truck - $650 (bremerton)
Date: 2011-12-04, 8:01PM PST
Reply to: [email protected]
i have this isuzu truck 2.6 motor (gas) 5speed runs and drives needs tune up. will provide bill of sale no title i need this thing gone 650.00 360 621-5706
Probably a bad radiator. The new head is worth his asking price, as long as the overheating didn't hurt it yet......ed
Cronk said:
And check out those V6 badges on the fender, it's got a 3.1 :!:
Nice-looking red '89 Amigo with snowflakes & hardtop for $1700 OBO in Longview, WA:

"1989 Isuzu Amigo 4X4. has 164200 miles, great first car, work car or make that rock climber you been wanting, everything works, body good shape, run's good, 4X4 works. 31X10.5 R15 tires with 60% tread. all season.
$1700 or best offer
MarkB.NV said:
Good looking '91 Spacecab with snowflakes in Olympic WA (port angeles) ... $1500

Temptingly low mileage at 135k :idea:

(apologies if this is a repeat)
Them ads out there run a long time!!! They only run a week in the Sea-Tac area before they are killed. I'm thinkin' one reason this truck is still around is that it's quite a drive to Pt. Angeles from the Seattle area. With the tires needing replacing and the other work, he's probably gonna end up selling it closer to $1000. I'm a lot closer than Seattle to P.A. but I've already Been There, Done That, with an '89 Spacecab, and still need to get my '89 RS fixed first!!!
Tatohead said:
96 Acura SLX. $2200.

Not sure if this is a good price, but posting just for the novelty of finding an SLX for sale. Don't know about other parts of the county, but I've only ever seen 2 of these on the road.
There's a fair amount around the Seattle/Portland area, but they usually go for a lot more than $2200. And they are definitely loaded when compared to the garden-variety Trooper! Same drivetrain, though............ed
1989 Trooper RS in Klamath Falls, Oregon for $700. This will go fast, don't hesitate!!!

"have a 1989 isuzu trooper 4 cyl tags are expired crack wimdsheild idle conrtrol sensor is out and right cv axle is blown and out, still driveable gets 30 miles to the gallon small exast leak. only reason tires is low is because its been sittin for a a while.Need to sell in next two days. Call or text ANYTIME at 541threethreeonetwoeightfivethree names alex thank you"
No, I'm sure that's a Suzisuzuzuki, or maybe it's a Kawisuzuzaki!!! :confused2:

I'm very cornfused! :tongue3:
gcwhitewater said:

1991 Trooper.
Not too familiar with the 91. What do you all think of this price. Yes, I know that's sight unseen but opinions are welcome. Plan on seeing it tonight.
Doesn't look too bad. The pssgr's small vent window has plastic over it and likely is busted, you should be able to find a replacement at a local Pick-a-Part or whatever you have down there.

That'll have a GM 2.8 V6 with throttle-body EFI, not a carb. So the "carb problem" could be leaky injectors, a bad coolant temperature sensor, a vacuum leak, or a number of other things. If the motor starts up and seems to run OK without any nasty thrashing, gnashing, etc, it's probably something like that. If it has what sounds like bearing knocks, check for oil in the coolant and water in the oil. Lots of times the intake manifold will leak due to loosened bolts or bad RTV sealant, this sends coolant into the oil and eats up the bearings.

Typical to see valve cover and distributor O-ring oil leaks, parts to fix are pretty cheap, and if you're able to wrench for yourself you can easily fix stuff like this in an afternoon.

Check the 4WD on a dirt or gravelly road for proper engagement.

If the rig seems decent, isn't all rusted out, runs, shifts & drives OK, she's a winner. You should have room to negotiate price, with the busted wing window and any other issues you might find. I've had a number of V6 Gen I Troops and they're great rigs. Plus if you ever want more power you can swap in a Camaro/Firebird 3.4 with little more work than an engine R&R, for a ton more performance. I've been running my 3.4 LS for 10 years and love it!

G'luck and let us know what you find..........ed
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Here's another one! Low miles, maybe it's just a belt tensioner.

1999 Isuzu Trooper - $1000 (Monroe)
1999 Automatic Isuzu Trooper.
Clean grey cloth interior, dark teal exterior
4x4, 103,000 mi
Automatic door locks and windows
AC/heating fully functional
Runs, needs new engine
Asking $800 OBO

Contact Steve @ 206-499-0266 call or text if interested!
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Nice truck, too bad it's not a 4WD!! Why Mommy, oh Why can't I have a D-Max Spacecab 4X4!!!!! :sad2:

"1991 ISUZU SPACE CAB, Pre-Runner, 2WD, 4-Cyl Turbo Diesel JDM, 5-Speed Manual, Class III Hitch, Alloy Wheels with new Yokohama Geolander H/T-S Tires, Very Clean Rare Turbo Diesel, New Timing Belt @ 120K, New Battery, Clean Title, No Rust very clean body California Truck

151K Original Miles
$7,500 Firm


JoeIsuzu said:
Ed Mc. said:
But you'd think, with an engine swap, they'd at least show ONE photo of the engine compartment, and tell us which motor it is.

I thought the same, was wondering if it's the Teeey Weeny diesel or maybe a Rip-Snortin' 2.8.

I don't see a hood scoop, though! But the "Turbo Diesel" badge in the grille is cool. :thumbleft:
[/quote]Those are two interesting vehicle. Hope that someone can check the engine compartment and make sure that it's factory fitted Turbo Diesel.
FYI, '91 TFR (2WD) usually came with 4JA1L (2.5L Turbo) or 4JB1T (2.8L Turbo) while '98 Trooper came with 4JX1 (3.0L)[/quote]

They just posted another ad, it's got a Mitsubishi 2.3L 4D55T, that's a big Meh! :? :confused5:
Here's an '86 Turbodiesel Trooper in Seattle if anyone has a hankerin' :

"1986 Isuzu Diesel Trooper 139k mi. - $3500 (Udist)
Date: 2012-05-08, 10:22AM PDT
Reply to: [email protected]

'86 TurboDiesel Trooper II LS with only 139,000 miles.
Doors were replaced with newer hinges. Newer 16" rims and tires.
I've gotten up to 32mpg with this vehicle. Blue and Tan in color, Tan interior.

Will post pictures later."
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gcwhitewater said:
1989 RS in Alabama...1500
Hmmmmm...... There's a V6 under the hood of that RS !!! :idea:
TrooperChris said:
It's a 3.1 from a rodeo. Back off...I'm trying to get it! Hahaha :D
Go for it man! How cool is an RS with a V6 :compress: ????!!!
TrooperChris said:
I know! not to mention I still have my 3.4 ready to go back together!!! Just need to convince the wife!
A 3.4 in an RS would be Especially Fun! :naka:
Update: Sold! 5/12/12

Nice looking '88 Spacecab in Seattle, $875 sounds like it needs a valve job/head gasket:
Somebody should snap up this one!

2000 Isuzu Trooper - $450
Date: 2012-05-14, 7:16PM PDT
Reply to: [email protected]

2000 Isuzu Trooper. White. Engine seized. Tires bought just over a year ago, in good shape. Will need to be towed from mechanics shop in Gresham.
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