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Clean CB Radio Installation In a Late Model Trooper

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I just installed a Cobra 18 CB radio in my 2001 Trooper and it fits so well it 's like it was custom made for it. It required no cutting, trimming or filling in of the dash panel as it is virtually the same width and height as the factory CD changer it replaced. It has a front mounted speaker so in dash mounting is ok and it is a short radio so there is plenty of room for wiring in the back. I used the mounting brackets from my defunct factory CD changer so it mounts the same way. I'm mounting (on order) a Firestik 36" Venice steel whip on a custom made stainless steel fender mount on the right front fender using one of the fender mounting bolt. ... mounts.htm
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On a related note, we have an article about a similar (admittedly more difficult) install at:

that looks really good. exactly what I want to do... did I miss it? what model CB is that? thanks!!!
See my first post. I bought it at our local Flying J truck stop.
yes....nicely done.
that is definitely soemthing to consider if I decide to replace the CD changer. Unfortunately, the darn thing wont break! lol.... sshh!! "knock on wood!"
Sell the CD player, buy an MP3 player and mount the CB. I have that on mine as well.

just thought i'd add my 2 cents in here,i used to build C B radios and used them for over 20 years in trucking.first and most important ,make sure you have good coax cable always 18 ft length.2nd don't spend all kinds of $$$ on fancy antennas(keep it simple) wilson is good so are francis antennas ,i use francis .they are made of fiberglass and cost under 20 bucks,get your radio tuned up at a local truck stop,there should be a radio shop right around the truck stop.last choose a good spot for your antenna,and makec sure you have it matched or tuned ,if this is not done you might as well roll down the window and yell cuz your radio won't recieve like it should.

hope this helps,

Any ideas on how to mount that radio if you don't have the CD Player mounts handy?
I'm kinda attached to my CD player. I'm still learning about my '01 Trooper but what about an install below the CD the area just forward of the gearshift. Cutting? Yes...but with a little careful work, seems like a lot of available room there.

Anyone try anything like this?
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