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Check Engine Light Diagnosis

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The C/E light on my 1996 Trooper had been coming on and going off for a little over a year. I assumed it was related to the gasoline I was using. Once The Goat reached 120 thousand miles, the C/E light has stayed on.
I have been told that the O2 sensor is the likely culprit, but have seen posts here that talk of diagnosis "codes" related to the C/E light. My mech. knowledge when it comes to computer diagnosis is extremely limited. Where can I go (besides a dealer), or how can I find the "code" that is keeping my C/E light on?
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Go to AutoZone. They'll read the code for free.
BW- You can also buy your own OBDII compliant, generic code reader at harbor freight tools, eBay, or many car parts stores for around $40 & read your own codes. Most common CEL's on these trucks seem to be EGR, O2 sensor (you have 4 on 1996+!!!!) or bad gas cap related. G/luck

Where have you found a code reader for $40? The ones i have seen have all been $95 - $120. I was thinking of getting the $120 that hooks into a laptop, but I would much rather pay $40 for one.

Adam- Generic OBDII code reader:

It's listed at $50 on the website, but if you get their catalog, they sometimes list it as low as $30.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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