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Change to parts sales and vehicle service.

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I've worked extremely hard building a good reputation providing quality, hard to find parts & excellent vehicle service over the past 5 years. I've enjoyed every minute of it.

Starting today I will need to temporarily suspend parts sales. I will also need to stop future appointment for vehicle repair & modifications service. If you currently on the calendar for me to work on your vehicle that appointment has not changed. If you have placed a parts order last week that order will be fulfilled. If you are in dire need, I will provide major parts and assemblies that can not be found elsewhere. Such as re-manufactured diffs, transmissions, engines and electronics devices, fuel tanks & manual conversion packages etc...

I do not want to do this however, with 3 major high dollar restorations on the calendar I have no choice but to deliver above expectations to these customers. my commitment to other auto shops I own takes priority over everything in my life.

I estimate parts sales and vehicle services will resume in approximately 5 months.
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not a bad problem to have....take care, and hurry back
not a bad problem to have....take care, and hurry back
Your just so popular!
I am in dire need of a fuel tank for a 2001 trooper, any way you could sell me one?
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