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catalytic converter

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:( I have a 2003 rodeo with 1200 mi on it. From day 1 I could smell the dreaded rotten egg smell associated with a bad converter. Dealer rep advised putting on a few more miles. Did that. After a while checked fuel economy. In the toilet at 12/16 Again dealer says needs more break-in time. Then noticed muffler looking very blue like it was getting too hot. Son looked under and says converter burnt looking . Going back in tomorrow for service. Anyone else having converter problems on a new vehicle?
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Amigo-2k said:
The smell is from over spray of under coating. I had the same smell for about the first 7k miles. Also, as your engine breaks in your MPG will go up. At about 15k my MPG leveled off at about 18/22. So no worries. Don't forget to check your oil often on the new engine.

Thanks Guys! Basically this is what Iszu said today when I had the vehicle checked out. I guess I was just PO'd when I was only seeing fuel usage comparable to my old Ford 350/v8 van! All my life folks have been telling me that smell was a bad cc. Who knew?
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