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catalytic converter

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:( I have a 2003 rodeo with 1200 mi on it. From day 1 I could smell the dreaded rotten egg smell associated with a bad converter. Dealer rep advised putting on a few more miles. Did that. After a while checked fuel economy. In the toilet at 12/16 Again dealer says needs more break-in time. Then noticed muffler looking very blue like it was getting too hot. Son looked under and says converter burnt looking . Going back in tomorrow for service. Anyone else having converter problems on a new vehicle?
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ISUZU is not unique in the mileage respects. All manufacturers it would seem have mileages in the sewer including HONDA and KIA. You would think the 'foreign' makes could do significantly better than the domestics with the SUV MPGs.

It's been very frustrating for someone like me with a 12-year old Trooper that actually gets better gas mileage than the brand new SUV offerings. I just can't afford to get rid of the ol' gal when its still getting between 18 and 19 mpg highway with some 160K miles.

Just pay very close attention to the tune-up schedules in your maintenance charts so your MPG doesn't suffer, this especially includes checking your tire pressures on a regular basis.

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