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My coworker and I took a trip down the Suwanee River a few weeks back. we went 9 miles in a rental canoe and kayak. (He had his girlfriend with him) After the trip, he was inspired to build his own canoe. We mentioned this to our company wellness manager who loved the idea of us doing healthy activities in our spare time. I told her, that after seeing him well up with pride making his own canoe, it made me want to make one myself.

Soooo, long story short, we are having a canoe build off and will race down the river upon completion.

He supplied a few pictures of his progress as part of the wellness article that was shared with the company. Needless to say, our plans were met with a few jeers. LOL

To quote a few:

About my coworkers plywood canoe progress picture:

"Looks a little sketchy, bring a life vest"

"I'm definitely not stepping into one of those, I'm a terrible swimmer"

About me:

"If I know Joe, he's going to build his from pallets, he built a desk and headboard from pallets." <----I did and they are very sturdy!

Cronk will put an Isuzu hood ornament on his" <--- This one is really funny, guess I didn't hide my Zu enthusiasm well enough. :lol: :lol:

I haven't started mine yet but I do have it more or less planned out in my head.

The goal is to do it under $150.00 and make it as light as possible. My plan is to make a light weight wood frame and skin it. I have to use a little bit of pallet wood just for the hell of it. At lease one Isuzu logo will be incorporated into the design, just for the hell of it! The bottom will read "If you can read this, roll me back over"

I'll post up progress photos as I make them.
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