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I need to adjust my front camber, when i got it lifted the guy didnt do it and now the positive camber is sticking out pretty well. Im a tid bit worried about tire wear on my nice new BFG AT KO's. Is this something that i can do in my garage as i think or should i just go to the pros.
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Pretty sure it's just a matter of pulling or adding those dog bone shaped shims from the upper control arm mounts, but I havent messed w/ one these front ends yet :oops: !! Hopefully one of the G-roo's will chime in. G/luck!
Hello. The procedure is fairly simple, however, without an alignment machine to really calibrate and fine tune the adjustment you're just shooting in the dark. You can eye-ball it and may get lucky, but chances are you'll go through more tires before you get the formula right. Since you did put on a lift, and modified your vehicle, take it to a REAL suspension shop with a good alignment tech. National chain shops and the kids who only know how to use the computer and factory settings will be at a loss here. My 2 cents.

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