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C Clip size?

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Quick question.... what is the c clip size for the small diameter portion of the cv axle? Have the 91 I have been working on with various upgrades. Was walking through the local UPAP and happened on a 95 Trooper with Warn lockouts on the front axle. My Aisin hubs need a bit of love so I snatched up the Warns. I failed to grab the C clips for the smaller diameter portion of the CV shafts. Came home and researched the Warns and found the 95 Trooper also fits 91 up Rodeo. In turn these should also fit the Amigo. Feel kinda dumb for not grabbing the C clips as I literally grabbed everything else. Guess I thought the spline section was shorter and could use the ones currently holding the Aisins in place.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts